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Track down the successor to the lien holder of record for previously paid off liens. Utilizing our established lender relationships, we maintain constant communication until we obtain the document(s) to clear title.
1 Simply enter the information of the title defect online, indicating the lien that needs to be cleared.
2 Upload the appropriate documentation, title search, recorded lien and / or related assignments.
3 Let us take it from there!
You are only invoiced once the requested document is obtained. If, for some reason, we are unable to acquire the document for the paid off lien, there is no charge to you – risk free.

Cost for the service is $275 per lien.

If we find that the account to be open/active, there will be a $75 charge and lien holder’s contact information will be provided.

Expedited service is available for an additional fee. This rush fee still applies if the customer cancels the order.

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