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FasTrax will proactively and consistently follow up with that paid off lender for the required document(s), confirm for accuracy, and record on the land records. All recorded documents are scanned and are available online via our FasTrax website or the Weekly Email Notification.
1 When making a payoff, instruct the lender in your transmittal letter to send the document to SMS FasTrax, P.O. Box 3069, Orange, CA 92857. In this letter, also include the recording and assignment information (or attach the Title Report) for the lien being paid off.
2 Simply send us copies of the transmittal letter, payoff statement, payoff check or wire confirmation and a check payable to FasTrax.
3 Let us do the rest!
Each payoff is $35 plus applicable recording fees if not collected by the lender. In most states, this fee is passed on to the borrower.

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